How An Ancient Plant From Asia Can FINALLY Stop Your Baldness And Grow A Bigger Longer Hair You Can Be Proud Of In 14 Days


It All Starts With This Mysterious Plant

Dear Friend,

 Are You bald, Beardless with shiny Gorimapa Head?
Are You Worried That Your Bald Head Will Make Your  Woman Run Into the Arms Of A Handsome, full haired Bearded Hunk?
Have You Spent So Much Money On All Sorts of Hair Growth Oils, Pills, Creams And Transplants That Never Worked?
Is Your Bald Beardless Head Embarassing The Hell Out Of You In Front Of You Woman?
Is Your Bald Beardless Head Making You Have Low Self Esteem?
Loss Of Confidence, Inferiority Complex?


 Are You looking For a Permanent Long Lasting Solution That Will Finally STOP Your Hairloss And help You Grow Your Hair and Beard Quickly?

If Your Answer To The Above Questions Is An Overwhelming YES Then You Are About To Discover An Ancient Secret That Has Remained Hidden For Ages


 You Are About To Lay Your Hands On One Of A Kind, Natural And Very Potent Remedy That Will Permanently Stop Hair Loss And Promotes Rapid Hair and Beard Growth

Make Her Love Your Hair/ Beard!

This Plant fit Dey Your BackYard. 
You May Have Even Seen It Before But What You May Not Know Is That When This Ancient Hair Growing Herb Is Mixed And Processed With Other Powerful Herbs ,
It Creates An Unstoppable Hair Growth BOMB.
These Plants Can Help You Get Rid Of Baldness And Grow Your Hair Rapidly So You Don't have To Spend Your Life Savings On Other Useless Formulas

How Can This Plant Help Me Cure My Hair Loss And Grow my Hair?
It Is Called Zingiber With the Botanical name Of Zingiber Officinale.
Also known as The miracle growth  Herb Of The Asian mountains That Has been Used By Ancient  of The Himalaya Mountains  For Centuries To Achieve cure Baldness, Grow Their Hair and Beard .
According to a Study By New Delhi Medical practitioners, This magical root from the Angiosperms Family Also Known As  Zingiber Officinale , Has Been Shown To Contain Potent Herbs That Can Effectively Cure Your Baldness, Hair Loss And Grow Your Hair/beard.
How Does It Work?
Ancient Asians Used An Ancient System Known As Ahyahuasca Which Is One Of The Oldest systems To Extract The Radish Root From The Zingiber Officinale plant
And mix With Other Potent Herbs To Get A Very Powerful Natural Therapy For Bald Gorimapa like beardless guys.
Many People Have Testified That This System Works Like Magic.
That Is Probably Why you Hardly See Any Bald Asian.
What Makes It Work Like Magic?
This Radish Root Works Like Magic because Its Free From Any Synthetic Ingredient.
It Is A Great Source Of Glucotropaeonil, Glucosinolates, Polyphenols, Calcium,Potasium, Essential Trace Elements Like Iron, Iodine, Copper, Manganese And Zinc .
 Loaded With  Fatty Acids Such As Oleic, Linoleic, Palmitic Acids And  Polysaccharides.
It also Contains Carbohydrates, Proteins, Dietary fiber and fats.
All These Make This Radish Root The Perfect Natural  ingredient You Need To STOP Baldness, Grow Your Hair And Beard .






The Root Cause Of Baldness/Hair Loss Revealed!

According To A New York University Medical Centre Study, The Root Causes Of Baldness And Hair Loss Include Genetic causes, Stress,Anxiety, Side Effects Of Drugs
Other Causes Include Low Libido due to Thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, secondary syphilis, chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels  , Heart Disease, Diabetes, 
It Can also Be Idiopathic( Cause Unknown)



The Cause Of Your Hair Problems Is Stress From Work/Disease Causing Free Radicals That Reduce Blood flow to scalp

This Subsequently Reduces Blood Flow To Hair And leads to Hair loss. 


This Is The Root Cause Of Bald, Beardless Head And If You Want To Permanently STOP Your Hair Loss And Restore Your Handsome head full of hair Prowess, You Need To Treat The Root cause
You Do That By Using Natural Herbs That help Your Body Heal By Removing Free radicals 
Cleans Hair Follicle And Root 
Supplies Oxygen, Improve blood Blood Flow To The Scalp 
5α-reductase Inhibitors Block DHT & Harmful Substances
Breylee finally revive the functionality of hair follicles & re-grow Hair
Other Hair Formulas And Other Chemicals Cannot Do That Without Causing Serious Side Effects


But After Years Of Research, By Trial And Error As Well As Struggling With My Own Bald Beardless gorimapa Head, Thanks To This Mystery Gentleman.


I Discovered A RARE But  EFFECTIVE 100% Herbal Solution That Does Not ONLY Contain The Zingiber Officinale Root As The Main Ingredient
But Also Contains Other Active Ingredients That Work Hand In Hand With The Peruvian



Grow Your Hair By Increasing Scalp Blood Flow, Removing dead Cells
Gives Full thick Beardfull Youthful looking hair Without Side Effects.
Gives You A New, Big, Rock Hard 30 Minute Plus Bedroom Experience






BREYLEE  is a 100% Natural, Herbal Solutions Made With The Ancient Ahyahuasca Process .
Thats Why It Contains Potent Hair Herbs With Anti Oxidants Like Vitamins A, C, E, Omega 6 Fatty Acids And So Much More Which Research Has Shown Works Like Magic
FINALLY, A Hair Loss, Bald hair Growing Formula Tested And Trusted
To STOP Your baldness and Give You A Full, Longer, Thicker And sexier Hair And Beard
With This Effective Formula That Combines The Power Of Zingiber Officinale, Panax Ginseng, Sophora Flavescence, Fleeceflower Root As Well As Other Vitamin Rich Herbs


WITH BREYLEE Hair Growth essential oil

***You Will No Longer Waste Money On Useless fake  Hair growing Pills, Creams, Oils, Sprays and transplants That Don't Work.
***You Will impress Your Woman or those girls with your Head full of Hair and Beard that She Will Be Utterly Surprised.
***You will Grow An absolutely Stunning Smoking Hot sexy Beard 
One You Can Be Proud Of.
***You Will END That Ridiculous Bald patch(es) on your Head
And Become a Hunk full of Hair. A Ladies man.


BREYLEE is  So Effective That We Were Flooded with Several Testimonials And Success Stories.
One Guy Even Thanked Me For Saving His Marriage.  Wow! 


Take a Look At Those Who Have Used It 


When You Use BREYLEE Anti Hair Loss, Hair Growth Essential oil ,
You Will Be utterly AMAZED At What You Will See


HOw DOES BREYLEE Hair Growth Really Work?


  1. First, It Will remove dead cells and follicles
  2. To Help The Scalp To Heal, Remove Stress Induced Free radicals
  3. It Penetrates, moisturizes And Renews Your Scalp
  4. Increases Blood Flow To The Scalp
  5. Prevents Baldness
  6. Accelerates Hair Growth, makes it long and Thick 

And You Will Start Seeing Results in 2-3 weeks


The Truth Is This

It May Not Work For Everyone Because People Have different Body Systems.

However It Has worked For 98% Of My Clients And We Are Confident That it will work for You. 

What I Promise You Is That You'll See A Clear Remarkable difference From What You used to be

Try It First, See For Yourself And Watch it Perform Its Magical Wonders


So How Can You Get It Today

Depending On How Bad Your Problem is, you Need An Average Of Two to three Breylee Hair growth( Total Of Three Packs) For 3 Weeks Treatment.






How Much Will BREYLEE hair Growth Cost?

If You  ORDER Today, You'll Get It At An INSANE Bonanza Price Of

N5,000 ONLY!!!!!

Delivery fee in Lagos : N1,000 

Delivery fee in Abuja, PH, Southern Nigeria : N2,000

Delivery fee in Northern Nigeria : N3,000

( Price goes back up to N35k tomorrow)
This Offer will expire tomorrow and We Are running Out Of stock RAPIDLY
Because This Offer Is So Insane, People Are Literally Buying For all Their friends And Family


 My marriage was falling apart. I thought all hope was lost, my wife was no longer in love with me because according to her i lost all my hair and now looked Old. My baldness was killing me and making me lose my confidence as a man.

Until I came across BREYLEE. In 3 weeks my head was full of hair,She is more in love with my well groomed beard and says I look younger 

Thank you for saving my marriage and helping me keep my woman           

Peter Nwankwo Ikoyi lagos


My Girlfriend almost cheated on me with another man because of bald looks but with BREYLEE  got my groove on. Girls now chase me saying they love my Punk Hairstyle and full beards.
Thank you for saving Men like me who suffered silently for years 
Segun Lawal, Abuja 




Delivery fee in Lagos : N1,000

Delivery fee in Abuja, PH and South : N2,000

Delivery fee in the North : N3,000



Miss Out And Tomorrow This Offer Will Be GONE Forever!!!



Pls add an 2nd Number if you have
Mention Street, Town and State

Hurry Up! Order Now Before We Run Out Of Stock Today!!!






With Your Name

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Delivery Address




Example:  BREYLEE, Taiwo john  08012345678   No 41 Martins street, Lagos Island, CMS Bus Stop,       Eti Osa Local Government, Lagos State.

The Best Part Is........All The Risk Is On Us


We Lose More If You Don't Pick Up Your Order

We Lose More If We Send Out The Order with Our money And Its returned To Us

You GAIN More Because You Will NOT Pay a DIME UNLESS You See Your Package In Front Of You

So What Do You Have To Lose?

You GAIN More because You Have Your Problem Solved Permanently


To Further Show You  How much Risk We Are ready To Take for You
You Are Covered By My Super Duper-No Long Story- Take It To The Bank- 90 Days




But If You Are Unhappy With The Product For Any reason , Just Send Back The Empty Packet Container Anytime Within The Next 3 Months And You Will Get a
No Questions Asked!

That's To Show You How Confident I Am In The Product


Now That You know The VALUE Of The Offer, THe Risk We Are Taking And The Money Back Guarantee You Are Assured Of

The Question Now Is

Are You Going To Be Among The LUCKY People Who Will Get It

Or Will You MISS OUT?

The Answer Is Left to You, But I Must warn you........Because Of How affordable The Offer Is, We Are Fast Running Out Of Stock So You'll Have To Act Fast

So Grab This Amazing Offer Today!


Hurry Up And Place Your Order For
Hair And beard Growth

Anti hair Loss



Delivery fee in Lagos: N1,000

Delivery fee in Abuja, PH, South : N2,000

Delivery fee in North : N3,000




To Order


With Your Name

Phone Number

And Delivery Address






                             ( ONLY FOR TODAY!!)




Frequently asked Questions About BREYLEE hair Growth

Ques: How Effective Is Breylee Hair / Beard Growth ?
Ans: Very effective. I have Used it And In 21 days,
It Cured my baldness and grew a nice sexy Lady loving Beard
You'll regain Your youthful handsomely Hairy look When you GRAB this amazing
Hair And Beard Growing Product
Place Your Orders ASAP Or Risk Being Yabbed By Your Wifey Or even Girlfriends
Ques: Are These Herbal Products Or Chemicals?
Ans: Yes, We ONLY believe In Using 100% Herbal Products
Ques: How Do I Use The BREYLEE Anti hair Loss?
Ans: Dilute  3 mls of BREYLEE Hair Growth Oil with 100 mls of Shampoo or mix a drop with shampoo on your palm before applying on scalp twice a day. pls dont apply Breylee directly to scalp. its very concentrated. Not for use in Pregnant women or Children.
Ques: How soon Will I Start Seeing Results?
Ans:In 14 to 21  days
Ques: Do I need To apply It daily?
Ans : Yes
Ques; Is It Safe 
Ans; Very Safe Because It contains Natural Herbal Ingredients
Ques: What else Can I do for Maximum Results?
Ans: Avoid Excessive Alcohol Or Smoking


Ques: Are The Effects Permanent?
Ans; Yes, You Won't Need To Buy Another Product
Ques: How Long Before I Get the Product
Ans: 1-3 Working days
Ques: How Do I pay?
Ans: Once The Delivery Man gives You The Product, You Give Him Cash Or Do A Mobile Transfer. No POS

Ques: How Do I Order?
Ans: Text BREYLEE With Your Name, Phone Number And Detailed Delivery Address To 07086243380

So Now You Know

Check It Out

BREYLEE Hair and Beard Growth 

For Only N5,000

 ( Only for TODAY !)




 With Your Name

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